Sensei Says… Maintain Good Health

Shihan Osaka has always stressed to me that karate is simply kick, punch and sweat.  It must also be used as a method to maintain good health.

For our children, I always felt it was important that we teach the values of our dojo precepts and help guide them to become outstanding citizens who give back to their community. The sweat they earn in class only helps to promote it. As their motor skills develop we see their focus enhanced, their balance is better, their etiquette grows, and good citizenship builds.

As adults, our reasons for training are wide spread, but the emphasis should always be on our health first.  Shihan Osaka is constantly reminding me of this and showing me that without good health we can no longer live comfortably. Improving flexibility, stress release, increased energy and just feeling good after a good sweat work out are all great side effects of training in a martial art.

The teen/adult group really has bonded remarkably, and created a second family for many.  What a fantastic group of martial artists and family members.  This sense of family is sure to carry over into everyone’s daily life pursuits.  We welcome all of our new dojo members to our family.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your lives and I hope as this year goes on you’ll share with me what the Art of Wado-Ryu has given you.

My door is always open.
Domo arigato gozaimasu.