Self Defense Classes

Mountainside Martial Arts Center in Ahwatukee Foothills Village Phoenix, AZ is where dedicated self defense instructors have come together to share their passion and knowledge.

People need to be more proactive about their own personal safety, and the safety of their loved ones. It's easy to be lulled into a false sense of security. Even with all the CCTV footage and evidence of crime featured in news programs, many people still think that it could never happen to them. Instead of having that mindset, it's better to find ways to prepare so that in case it does happen, you're able to react appropriately. This is where knowledge about self defense can be so important. At the Mountainside Martial Arts Center, students aren't just trained physically, but also mentally. And this could make all the difference.



One of the key things that happen at the Mountainside Martial Arts Center is that people become stronger and quicker physically. The process of martial arts requires people to get more in tune with their physical selves. While people arrive with a certain level of physical fitness, this ends up being upgraded over time. After all, learning various self defense techniques will be done through the use of drills, repetition, and practice and possibly sparring. When this is done on a regular basis, the muscles become stronger in response to all that exertion. The ability of people to maintain a certain level of exertion or to hit harder improves. That kind of increased endurance and strength could be very important if faced with some sort of threat.

It's not just strength either. For example, whether the particular session involves men or women's self defense, the students will also learn to move more quickly. This might involve launching a strike in a way, which snaps the fist forward quickly, or the reverse, where the student needs to learn to anticipate a coming strike and move quickly out of the way. Then, the continued drills and practice will also help the person to jog, run, sidestep and move at a faster pace. Again, this will be very helpful in a dangerous situation.


Moving beyond the physical changes, it's also important to note that these classes and sessions help students to prepare themselves mentally, for a potential threat. After all, over the course of the self defense training at the Mountainside Martial Arts Center, students will get used to the idea of sizing up a potential opponent, looking for strengths and weaknesses. Very importantly, students will be able to make a quick and informed decision on what options to take. Would it make sense to flee the scene as fast as possible? Is flight not a viable strategy, and if it isn't, what can be done to defend yourself? This is the kind of decision making that is honed and improved by continuous training at the Mountainside Martial Arts Center.