Mountainside Martial Arts Center in Ahwatukee Foothills Village Phoenix, AZ is where dedicated karate instructors have come together for the hopes of sharing their passion and knowledge.

Karate Dojo in Ahwatukee, AZ

Getting Real with a Karate Instructor

Learning martial arts can be a very fun activity regardless of your age or skill level. As a parent, it could definitely help you in keeping your young ones busy in developing themselves in terms of physical and psychological fitness. This can be achieved by learning the disciplined maneuvers and techniques that are taught at Mountainside Martial Arts.

Most importantly, allowing your child to learn about martial arts during karate classes can definitely help him or her in channeling all that inexhaustible energy in a productive way, not to mention that it gives kids the ability to defend themselves from potential perpetrators.

Although some myths and close-minded remarks about karate lessons would say that the practice promotes violence among children, it is important to note that these are only comments that stemmed up from the stereotype that is produced by common martial arts movies. On the contrary, things that are taught inside Mountainside Martial Arts promote self-control. Aside from teaching children the importance of self-control, it also inculcates discipline in every maneuver that is presented during classes.

When looking for karate classes for kids, you have to carefully weigh in a lot of factors before choosing a dojo. Make sure to pick a reputable school with an experienced Sensei. Our head instructor, Sensei Rick Savagian, has been studying martial arts since 1964. Our dojo accommodates a wide variety of age groups including karate classes for kids and karate classes for adults. Mountainside Martial Arts Center has karate lessons Monday through Saturday.

Karate School
Mountainside Martial Arts Center is a place where dedicated martial arts instructors have come together for the hopes of sharing their passion and knowledge. They have the experience and patience to teach karate for kids and will keep your children engaged and interested in learning about the discipline.

The karate school emphasizes on incorporating a lot of values and virtues such as respect and discipline into their instructions. The instructors strive hard in order to keep the beauty of learning karate alive in each and every child that they train.