Our Dojo

Our dojo is a place of learning where we train not only the body, but the mind, spirit and character as well.

Here at Mountainside Martial Arts Center our philosophy is to encourage our students to develop and demostrate outstanding citizenship to our community and our country. We also place a tremendous amount of emphasis on enhancing strong motor skill development.

Mountainside Martial Arts' facility is state of the art and one of the most beautiful dojos in the US. We have a very traditional setting that you will always find neat and clean. Our students take great pride in our beautiful dojo.

Mountainside Martial Arts Center - Dojo 1

5,200 Square Feet

Our facility is 5,200 square feet with a matted floor for training, a great lobby area for viewing and a tremendous academic center with free Wi-Fi. Students can do their homework and parents can watch their children training on the closed circuit TV while getting their business work done in a quiet environment.

We offer exceptional, affordable, traditional, private martial arts education. Please come by and fee free to experience our dojo.

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Our Observation Room

We feel it is important to have a space where family can watch students in a comfortable and unobtrusive manner.

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Our Academic Center

We also feel that it is important to have an environment where students can study in peace and focus on their education.

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Our Traditions

We honor the past at our dojo and those that have attained Wado-Ryu black belts here at Mountainside Martial Arts Center.

Mountainside Martial Arts Center - Grand Master Hironori Ohtsuka
Mountainside Martial Arts Center - Black Belts p