The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge

Hello parents and thank you for your interest in my new 90 Day Challenge program with Body by Vi.

What is the 90 Day Challenge?

It is a fitness challenge that you can commit to (mentally) for 90 days to achieve a fitness goal (weight loss, lean muscle, health… whatever it is). When you visit my website link to the challenge you will be able to read all the details and how to get started.

I have personally tried the product and decided to promote this challenge because I believe it is important to prevent, stay in shape and live life to its fullest while we can! You as parents can embrace this and lead by example!

My friend and business partner Aymee Buckhannon (who also designed our website) introduced me to this and she has offered to help me answer any questions you may have. Her number is 480 389 4297.

I believe this program will have the same positive impact it has had in thousands of people and that you will embrace this wonderful new healthy lifestyle.This product is safe for children and adults 4-105 years old.

Please visit this website for all the details about the product so you can decide if you wish to enroll as a challenger and start your own challenge transformation. A business opportunity also exists with this program and for those of you who may be interested in that aspect, simply follow the Promote the Challenge button on my site for details or give Aymee a quick call.

PS: At my earliest opportunity, I will host a challenge event at the Dojo in the study area for the community. In the meantime, go read the details, get yourself on a 90 Day Challenge and ENJOY!

 This is what the Challenge is about in a short video… all about YOUR goals!