Toshio Osaka


Shihan Toshio Osaka is an 8th degree black belt, founder of the Japan International Karate Do Center and Chairman of the USA Wado Ryu Karate Organization. He is originally from Kanagawa, Japan and came into contact with the American culture on the U.S. military base in that area. His martial arts training actually started in Jujitsu as a young boy and his skill progressed such that he was able to acquire a position on the very prestigious University of Nihon Karate team.

Shihan Osaka came to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1970 on an invitation from the Salt Lake Judo Club. There he began teaching just a handful of students, but soon it became necessary to move his instruction to the Salt Lake City YMCA due to the increasing number of students. With the help of Fred Civish, within a year, he was placed on the faculty of the University of Utah Physical Education Department. Past Deans of the College of Health O.N. Hunter, David M. Compton and assistant dean James R. Ewers as well as professors from other departments; Keith P. Henschen, Geoffrey Aggeler, and Ken Jenkins have continued their support so that Shihan Osaka could continue to train hundreds of students yearly. At the time he began teaching at the University of Utah, he also began teaching at Salt Lake City Policeman’s Karate Club, the Police Academy and for the F.B.I.

He is now at Wado-Ryu International Karate Federation Dojo  in Salt Lake City.