Spirt of InstructionTeaching is our First Priority

We are a private martial arts school teaching traditional Japanese karate that is curriculum and discipline based to kids, teens and adults.  Sensei Rick Savagian has an extensive background in physical education, exercise science and over 55 years of martial arts.  An outstanding staff has kept the consistency of teaching and competing for MMAC since 1979.  We have a strong presence locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Karate can change lives and reinforce life skills
  • Karate can increase stamina and strength
  • Karate can promote circulation and respiration
  • Karate will increase self-awareness, confidence, and perseverance
  • Students will learn mental discipline, respect, and self defense
  • Karate will improve motor skills, coordination and flexibility
  • Karate can reduce stress and improve your direction in life
  • Mountainside Martial Arts promotes a strong team/family environment