In The Spotlight – Sensei Phil Cole

Sensei Phil ColeAge: 51
Yrs studying karate: 7.5 years
Rank: Shodan-1st degree
Hobbies:Karate, snow skiing & boarding, cycling
Sensei Phil’s day job is at W.L. Gore as a Mettallurgical Engineer. He helps to make implantable medical devices. In other words, he is one very smart guy! He earned his black belt in 2013. Sensei Phil’s favorite thing about karate is the basics. He began training as an activity to do with his son. He sees karate as an ongoing personal challenge. He believes that the hardest part of karate is eliminating bad habits.

Sensei Phil has a Golden-Doodle named Luna. His favorite car is the 1969 VW Beetle which was his first car in 1979. He installed a used 8-track tape player and owned 2 tapes, REO Speedwagon and Boston. His biggest pet peeve in karate is when students fidget.He currently teaches on Saturday mornings.