Karate Klips: Self Defense—Common Sense!

There may come a time when you are confronted by someone with not so good motives. This person may be looking to rob, assault, or worse. Here are some common sense tips when having to defend yourself.

  • If you are assaulted, do not panic. Scream, run, try to get away, and call the police.
  • If you are running and know your attacker is overtaking you: Turn, face the attacker, and decide your course of action. You will need to consider the environment (where are you, what is the weather, what is the foundation you are standing on), the size of your attacker (is the attacker much larger than you? Does the person have a weapon?), and your own abilities (Are you able to punch and kick?).
  • If the attacker wants your valuables, give them to him. Do not risk your life for items that can be replaced. Your life is irreplaceable.
  • If the attacker’s motives are hostile, put every ounce of your strength into defensive techniques; your only purpose is to get away and run for help.
  • If you are wearing elevated-shoes, take them off. This situation is not like the movies where you can run miles in heels.
  • If you use some sort of weapon or self-defense technique, it must be used in a manner directly proportional to the severity of the attack. You must be able to neutralize / stop the attack or the threat; however, you must stop when the threat has ended.
  • If you use a weapon, extreme care must be exercised so that it is not taken away from you and used against you. You must be well-trained with the weapon you possess and know the risks of using it.

Hopefully, you will never need to use these techniques; but it is always good to be prepared in the event of something happening. The goal is to keep you alive and safe!