Alumni of the Week “Michelle Haebe”

Michelle (Splaver) Haebe

Michelle Haebe

Michelle enrolled in karate at Mountainside Martial Arts Center with Sensei Rick when she started first grade. At first it was a fun sport for her to be involved with, but as she grew older it quickly developed into much more. Karate was not always easy, and there were many peaks and valleys throughout the years. But through hard work and dedication, Michelle learned that with self-confidence and discipline, you can excel at anything. In the 7th grade Michelle was invited, along with five other young men, to train for her black belt. After a year of vigorous training, they received their black belts from Sensei Rick and Shihan Osaka. Michelle’s journey with karate did not end there.

When she was a junior in high school, she was granted the opportunity to travel to Tokyo, Japan and compete in the World Cup as a member of the US women’s team. This was a humbling experience, and proud moment that she carries with her to this day. Michelle then graduated from high school where she went and attended the University of Arizona. Unfortunately at this time, Michelle had to say goodbye to the dojo and Sensei Rick. However all of the life lessons about discipline, humility and hard work have carried into her life now. Michelle graduated from the University of Arizona with her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, and moved to Seattle to pursue her career. Michelle is currently an experienced Labor and Delivery Nurse in Tacoma, WA where she lives with her husband, Jake, who is stationed at Joint Base Lewis McChord as a US Army Ranger.