Alumni of the Week “Jesse Fifer”

jesse fifer

Jesse Fifer

Jesse joined the dojo as part of his childhood quest to overcome the emotional trouble he suffered. His training was the ultimate test of his temperament and discipline. After being invited into the Dan program to train for his black belt, Jesse found a new sense of dedication to his training, partnering with his four team mates to master themselves and contribute back to the dojo. Jesse left the dojo shortly after achieving his second degree black belt, citing his time training there as one of the most crucial contributors to his development into who he is today.

Jesse works as a Youth Behavior Coach for Child and Family Support Services, as well as his own private Life Coaching practice. His philosophy includes incorporating art, performance and gaming into his coaching to provide new perspectives and primarily works with people who seek to defy limits just as he has. In his free time, Jesse chips away at art projects, hosts tabletop gaming groups and runs the local Comic Convention centric performing arts group, Team Rocket AZ. You can find him hiking or running around the valley, or at any local nerd event.