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25th Annual Karate Kamps

This is a great summer program for kids, teens and adults of all ages to have fun and learn some self defense all with excellent karate training. This is for beginners who would like to explore and learn a traditional martial art. Students who enroll will be taught the basic techniques of karate, including punching,…

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Sensei Says… Competition and Competitive Spirit

Many people believe that the purpose of competition is simply to “beat up” your opponent, to somehow demonstrate that you are “better” than them. I say that is not at all what competition or the competitive spirit is about. Instead, the competitive spirit should be a test against yourself, to raise your expectations, to test…

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Sensei Says…Goals

The establishment of our definitive goals can be an important part of our academic, athletic and other growth endeavors. They are our objectives, aims and targets that we shoot for that will give us specific directions for our energies.Goals are our opportunities to keep us focused toward our target when obstacles and stumbling blocks intervene…

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Sensei Says… Little by little, you are there

Little by little, you are there. As we have trained hard this past year our accomplishments were visible and little by little, we were there. The path we take is our journey, little by little. It is inch by inch, day by day, step by step, all the way, little by little you are there.…

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Sensei Says… get to class early

Having the opportunity over the past 40 years to teach  students from pre-school to the university  level, I have been asked on numerous occasions what are the main keys to a student’s success. After years of refining my ideas, it always comes back to these simple tasks; attend all your classes, be prudent, do not…

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Sensei Says… Flow

When I think of all the traditional styles of martial arts that I have been able to read about, study and observe, I always seem to focus on the style that is most fluid, and not one that has a more forceful style.  Shihan Osaka has always stated that we should flow with nature in…

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In The Spotlight – Sensei David Kogut

Age: 16 Yrs studying karate:  8 years Rank:  Shodan-1st degree Hobbies:  Cars and karate Sensei David is currently a junior at Desert Vista HS.  His future plans at this time are to probably go to NAU to study Bio-Medical engineering .  His favorite subject in school is US History and least favorite is Math. Sensei David started taking…

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YOasis’ Student of the Month – Thehan Peiris

Thehan has been awarded this month’s YOasis’ Student of the Month award.  As student of the month, Thehan has received a gift certificate to Yoasis Frozen Yogurt and he will receive one free private lesson. Thehan has been training at MMAC for just 6 months and is 7 years old. He is a 2nd grader at Kyrene…

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