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Alumni of the Week “James Alexander”

James “Jamie” Alexander

James “Jamie” Alexander Jamie began his Wado Ryu Karate training under Sensei Rick Savagian in 1986. For Jamie, Karate was more than just a sport, it was a way of life. Facing adversity at a young age, and needing a foundation to build from, Jamie embraced the principles of Wado Ryu as a way of…

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Alumni of the Week “Layton Malmstrom”

Alumni of the Week - Layton Malmstrom

Layton Malmstrom Layton Malmstrom began his Karate career in 2006 and earned the rank of Shodan Black Belt in 2012 before ending his training in 2015. He has always maintained the humble yet fierce attitude that comes with martial arts training to tackle the tribulations of life. Layton is currently studying Business Management at W.P…

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Alumni of the Week “Paul Nico Luna”

Alumni of the Week - Paul Nico Luna

Paul Nico Luna Paul Nicolas “Nico” Luna is an investment banking analyst in the California K-14 Education Group at RBC Capital Markets in Los Angeles, California. Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Nico started practicing karate at the age of 6. He continued with karate throughout his high school years at Brophy College Preparatory and,…

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Alumni of the Week “Marco De Leon”

Marco De Leon

Marco De Leon Marco began practicing karate at Mountainside Martial Arts in 2002 and received his Black Belt in 2007 at the age of thirteen. This achievement played a significant role in instilling a strong sense of confidence that he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. Karate taught him the importance of respect…

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Alumni Of the Week “Alec Chavez”

Alec Chavez

Alec Chavez Alec began training at Mountainside in 2000. He earned his first-degree black belt in 2009 along with his six teammates. Karate taught him not only toughness and grit but the importance of never giving up. A common saying in the dojo was “die going forward” and he tries to live by that every…

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Alumni Of the Week “Alexandra Siegal”

Alexandra Siegal

Alexandra Siegal Children can be our guides in so many ways and I am particularly grateful for the fact that my oldest son, a child at the time, guided me into the study martial arts. One evening, in 1984, while watching him in his class, it occurred to me that rather than just sit and…

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Alumni Of the Week “Vinny Parthasarathy”

Vinny Parthasarathy - Alumni of the Week

Vinny Parthasarathy Vinny first began his training at Mountainside Martial Arts in 2005. He achieved his black belt in the November of 2014 after nine years of intense training. In his thirteen years at Mountainside Martial Arts, Vinny learned focus and discipline and has devoted the dojo’s five precepts to his everyday life. In the…

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Alumni Of the Week “Lydia LaFavor”

Lydia LaFavor

Lydia LaFavor Lydia studied Wado-Ryu at Mountainside Martial Arts Center from 1992 until she graduated from Mountain Pointe High School in 2003. She earned her black belt in 1999 and was honored to compete for Team USA at the Wado-Ryu World Cup in Tokyo, Japan in 2002. These years of training were a formative and…

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Alumni Of the Week “Adam Buben”

Adam Buben

Adam Buben Adam began training in Wado Ryu karate under Sensei Rick Savagian in 1992, while a student at Mountain Pointe High School. Adam always saw karate as a way of life, as something that would inform all of his other activities, both physical and mental. Adam competed in tournaments throughout the US, and in…

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Alumni Of the Week “Mike Barlow”

Mike Barlow

Mike Barlow Michael Barlow started training at the age of 30 and earned his black belt at the age of 40. He has resumed his training at the age of 61. His four children studied under Sensi Rick and now one of his grandchildren is training. Mike has a 36 year career as a Senior…

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